We Develop Software Platforms for the Modern World

Tractive is a software development company that builds web and mobile apps for display advertising, DOOH, OOH, e-commerce and many more


Web Applications

Build customized web applications for your business with Tractive. We work closely with you to build a system that will streamline your processes, saving you time and cost and giving you competitive advantage. 

Do you need a system that can work on any device and any browser? We can help you to design and build a software platform to take your business to the next level.

Our inhouse designers will design your website and platform in unique style according to your preference.

Either you need an small internal software or large B2C platform we can help you to optimize cloud configuration and deployments.

Tractive works with clients to build the mobile apps from scratch so it is easily iterated upon and maintained.

Tractive’s product designers work with clients to customize the mobile apps to clients design requirements.

Tractive’s mobile apps are easily updated and maintained  to keep up with the rapid advances of technology.

Mobile Apps

Tractive’s software platforms come with purpose built mobile apps that can work on Android and iOS, which seamlessly integrates to the web dashboard.



DOOH Advertising Platform

Snipeads is a Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) platform for Media Owners and Advertisers to transact online. Snipeads Media Owner Portal allows screen owners to manage the content of their screens, keep track of their inventory, automate their booking, campaign management, billing and reporting all in one dashboard. Snipeads also allows advertisers to launch their marketing campaigns by targeting their  audiences through the screens available on Snipeads platform.


Digital LED Car-topper advertising platform

ENOMAD collaborates with e-hailing drivers to install digital LED screens on top of their cars. The advertisers can use online self-serve platform to manage their DOOH campaigns with click of a button. 


Billboard Management System

OOH media planning tool that is used by Media Owners or agencies to manage their billboards, automate operations and collect ADEX data.  


B2B E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce platform built for Runcit Hero and integrated to MyPosPay e-wallet to allow merchants to place aggregated orders to get bulk discount from brands. Platform has also payments for bills and etc.


Hotel Membership Platform

Mobile app and web management dashboard for Ramada Hotel to manage the hotel membership privileges, with voucher redemption and room booking features.

Interactive Digital Signage

Digital Signage Software enables interactive screens to be deployed for the purpose of wayfinder, building directory and product catalogue. The user can easily edit content and manage the map. The user can also integrate it to other digital signage screens to run same promotions.


Voucher Management System

DealsUp app is web app that lets users to collect and redeem e-vouchers by scanning of a QR from static poster or digital screen. The users are able to save many vouchers and redeem them before expiry date.

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