Projects our team has done


Resort World Genting

Wayfinder Technology solution for Resort World Genting has mapped out its retailers’ location as well as direction to other facility services such as Dining, E-Games, Table Games, Restroom and ongoing promotions. This interactive signage with multilanguage platform is located in each level of Resort World Genting. This system can also be integrated with any other system to further enhance its usage. 

Interactive Signage solution

Content Management System (CMS) is used for Celcom Blue Cube for its interactive signage solution. This solution provides them dashboard to manage the content, media, playlist or any information related to the campaign. It is also be accompanied with full technical support from the admin HQ for any assistance when needed.

Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee enhanced its business marketing strategies by going limitless through Digital Signage Solution. Media content is managed remotely that include scheduling the media (image, video, text, etc), engaging with limitless customers and updating promotion at any time. The signage solution also enables the services to be more productive through its integration with food ordering Queue System.

Mobile App Platform

MyMRT (Malaysia)

My MRT is a collaborative effort with MRT Corp to enhance your ridership experiences that aspires to complete you and your journey. The application is featured with access to free public Wi-Fi on train platforms and in-carriages, free entertainment such movies or online news, Journey Planner, and other extensive product improvement roadmap for users. It includes great deals of promotion and redemption with MRT App Tokens.

Chatuchak Outdoor Market (Bangkok)

JJ Map App, one of the features in JJ Shopping App, is designed specially as Indoor Mapping Navigation Platform to enhance customer’s outdoor shopping experience. By using this extensive mobile platform, it offers users zero-out tendency of getting lost in the largest shopping paradise. The app allows users to search for shop names or products and walk to the merchant shops in Chatuchak Weekend Market (a.k.a. JJ Market) and other service areas.

Customized Software

Farrer Park Hotel

Customized Software Platform is designed for Farrer Park Hotel in achieving two major functions which are check in and check out processes. With this customized software, the guests now able to screen their passport and search via mobile for the room booking. 

Runcit Hero Media

A customized Business to Business Platform for online community and marketplace for retailers to broaden their business on stream. Runcit Media Hero allows users to enjoy product packages and deals, cashback credits, latest promotions and further access to Retailer-Supplier Engagement Programs Marketplace from small to medium retailers.